maandag 30 december 2013

KO JagdPanzer Hungary

Hi! Back again, after moving to our new place i couldn't resist to open a box and build something. My hobby room isn't ready yet so i can't paint at this moment :-/

I decided to build the old Dragon's JP, a terrible kit but perfect for what i want. It had to made lot's of changes, cutting, sanding to create the right look besides the structure i made in the panzer plates.

I was inspired by a photo i saw from this knocked out JP in Hungery from the well know Mirko on ML.

picture Mirko Bayerl, ML forum.
-Dragon's old command version Jagdpanzer kit
-Dragon magic tracks
-Alu barrel
-Trumpeter's Bergepanzer engine
-PE from the spare box and some scratch build stuff.

The build must represent the last fight for this JP that is already beaten up but still on the move until it is finaly knocked out..

Someone pointed out that the axels with missing wheels aren't correct, so i remove the mounting hubs and drill them out like the picture below (Thnx Eddy!)

zaterdag 21 december 2013

Season Greetings!

Hi folks, i know there wasn't much to do at the AM blog. Moving to our new house took a lot of time and were still busy with it! Other stuff needs priority before i can unpack all my modeling stuff and settle in my new room. For now i picked up a box and do some minor work at the dinertable in the livingroom :)

Still got some models that need to be finished next year and i got myself a great project ( my build of the year as you may call it) a Dragon JagdPanther Late with a lot of AM stuff i collected trough out this year. I can't wait to start on this one soon :)

For now i wish you nice holidays with friends and family.  Respect to all who serving there country at this moment far away from home, i know the feeling, your not forgotten.!

dinsdag 24 september 2013

Yup.. another Panther A Anzio

I now i now another Panther?! Yes it is! I started this one for a online contest but didn't manage it to the finish line..but hey now i am working on it i want to finish this one :)

A quik build history, the kit is the Dragon's classic Panther A Early Italy with a metal barrel, DS Tracks, Atak Zimmerit and some Eduard PE.

I want to keep the color light so the weathering "pops" out and used some colors from the AK Interaktive CM 'Dunkelgelb" set.

Weathering is done with oils and the zimmerit parts recieved a AK Interactive wash. I used Mig and AK Interactive pigment and streaking grimes/mud tones for the splashes on the roadwheels.

Well action speaks louder then words, here some pics :)

zaterdag 21 september 2013

SCM 2013!!

Yes folks it is almost time for SMC 2013. This is the place to be and one of the biggest scale modeling shows with some big international guests/workshops/traders ans a lot of models! Hope to meet you there, 13th October 2013!!

maandag 9 september 2013

KMK Mol 2013 Belgium

Last weekend we traveled to Mol Belgium to visit the KMK show. This show is known for the high level models on the table and his specials guests. This year Mike Rinaldi and Adam Wilder gave some cool demo's that were very interesting to follow.

Next to the traders from across Europe to sell there modeling stuff all sorts of modeling clubs were present to show their skills and artworks.

" Best of Show" Volker Bembennek

Mike Rinaldi explains his oil paint rendering technique and it was sure interesting to see and hear what he means with his books. It was nice to here him explain in a relax way what he wants to achieve with his technique.

Thnx Mike for your enthusiastic way for giving the demo's was sure helpfull. When you get a change to find Mike do a demo.. grab it ;) 

On the contest tables there was a lot of nice stuff to see, i made some random pics and i hope you like them, till next year!


WIP, crazy fantasy panzer

Grey is boring? No sir..

Wrecked stuFF

WIP and Naked

And some other nice stuff..

maandag 19 augustus 2013

Bastogne.. Jumbo!

Quite but... last months the mojo was a bit gone.. others things and finaly some nice weather over here makes me put modeling on hold. But there's still some unfinished projects like this Jumbo made by a modeling friend of mine. He build this Tasca Jumbo and i do the painting and weathering. This is the first Allied project and there is a lot to learn for a Axis builder like me.

I think such projects are refreshing but dont want to change Axis builds :) It is a nice project to get the feeling back do, soon more update's so stay tuned ;)

zaterdag 25 mei 2013

Jagdpanzer Ardennes

Well the ferns grow fast this time of year ;)
I studied a lot of Ardennes winter pics and came across some beautyful pics of "green zones" with green bushes and plants in the middle of a lot of snow. These green zones is what i had in mind making this dio were the white snow and dark green ferns makes it very colorful.

Next step is some washes and a bit more vergetation

woensdag 22 mei 2013

Jagdpanzer Ardennes

Things are moving slowly ( as usual..) some more vegetation is added and i placed a order at reality in scale to create that typical ardennes feeling. All pics are WIP, more detailing amd painting on there way ;)

Thnx for tuning in!

donderdag 9 mei 2013

Jagdpanzer, Ardennes

Hi folks,

As promised a update on the JP dio, the JP is stucked in the mud during the Ardennes offensive near the road.  As you can see 2 figures are added in the mock up and  two more to come in the JP.

So next thing is painting the figures, finish the tree and hill in the background with some vegetation.

Thanks for dropping by and till next time!

zaterdag 4 mei 2013

Jagdpanzer, Ardennes

And as promised another pic, this one is the other side and the front of the diorama. As you can see i only made the ground work close to the JP. It isn't finished yet, still got a lot to do before i can intergrate it in the rest of the dio.

Stay tuned for more updates on this one..

donderdag 2 mei 2013


I know, it is been a while. Life is busy and with the little time i have on scale modeling right know i use this for several projects. I started with the groundwork for the JP dio.. Soon more progress.. :)

zaterdag 6 april 2013

zondag 24 maart 2013

Jagdpanzer, Ardennes

The products.. In the last post i showed some snapshots of the progress. I like to point out the disk stencils once again. This stuff works very fine and the results are amazing.

I used the AK wash for yellows verhicles to point out the details. I see many questions about the use of the AK products and what colors to use. The products are universal and you can use them on all sorts of colors. For example i love the AK winter streaking grime, you can use this as a wash, streaking or for making spots etc..

By thining the wash/streaking grime you can make several effects with just one product. When i use a pinwash i moisture the surface with AK oderles white spirit and bring on the wash. Don't be afraid to spill something you can use this to work it in to surface and create some nice effects. If you don't want this then use som normal e AK white spirit to remone the spots, just like that!

To town down the bright colors and to give it a used smooth finish i used a variation of oil colors. One again moisture the surface with AK oderles white spirit and make random tiny spots panel by panel. This way you create a wide variation on your model. Blend in the spots with a flat brush using AK white spirit, don' use the oderles version, this is less strong and the oils doesn't blend in well. 

Once dry you notice a nice flat surface and if you want it even more flat just do it again! Take note that you have to let it dry for a day ore two before you work whit oils and white spirit again..

During the oil filtering i made some streaking as well with burnt umber oils. Later i shall use some AK products for more subtile streaking. But as you can see that oils are also a great way to make streaking!