donderdag 31 januari 2013

JagdTiger Porsche suspension part III

Having fun with this one ;)

I want to show some more progress after streaking, washing and painting some details such as the dirt behind the sparetracks. This is a simple technique, i used a track link from the kit and put some oil paint on it after that just use the track link as a stamp on your model. After this you can paint the rest and blend it in to the model!

Next stop, some fine chipping and dirt on the deck en turret roof..

dinsdag 29 januari 2013

JagdTiger Porsche suspension part II

Now the paint is dried out it is time for some weathering. I always use a protective coat of Vallejo satin varnis, this is a good base for further weathering.

First i aplied a filter, in this case the Mig version for triconal verhicles to blend the colors a bit.

This stuff has a teririble smell and  i intent not to use it anymore, luckely for me there are many other ways to blend colors :)

Next step is streaking,pinwashing etc!

maandag 28 januari 2013

JagdTiger Porsche suspension

Impressive but not very usefull that is wath known about the JagTiger, in fact the JT just disapired to lateon the battlefield.. The JT had a firing range of more than 4000m what is impressive but they were slow and many did broke down and were distroyed by its crew. The first trail versions were the Porsche versions, 11 pcs, the last 3 didn't recieve zimmerit and had a camoflage pattern. After that Henschel took over. A total of 88 were build.

This build is based on the JT 305011, although some photographs shows a hard edge pattern i choose to do not so. I based the camo on this sketch

The build was a breeze and with a premium kit like this you don't need to buy extra stuff beside the tracks. I choose the Friuls versions because of the weight and looks on this beast.

The basecoat is AK008 from the yellow modulation set from AK and the camo is painted free hand with Tamiya Redbrown and Olivegreen mixed with Buff. Next step filters and oils!

zondag 27 januari 2013


Hi folks,

Time for some updates! The last months i was busy with some projects i want to build for a while. I manage to build three nice kits and two more are in progress so you can expect some nice updates this year!

First one is a Jagdpanzer followed by the huge JagTiger and sneaking up is the Stug with winterketten. Another Panther A and Tiger is comming up..

donderdag 3 januari 2013


Happy new year ya'll!!
Thank you for comming back in 2013 to visit this blog.
In my vacation i manage to build some stuff, just some touch ups on these builds and then i start updating again!
One of the builds is this Jagpanzer, stay tuned..