zondag 15 juli 2012

Panzer IV

Since i  have to wait for the last figure to finish the Stug Nordland dio i started a new build. It is a Tamiya Panzer IV which i bought from a fellow scale modeler who had started it by placing a Verlinden interior kit in the model.

After some browsing on the web i was inspired by some pics of panzers who were knocked out but not completly burned out, perfect to show the interior of my panzer!

I updated the kit with a lot of sanding, drilling, some PE, RB Model barrel and Friul tracks. The zimmerit is made of thin sheets of white Milliput. On the photos i think it looks to thick but because of the white color but were talking about 1 or 2 mm thicknes.

The hit

I still got some detailing to do and since the summer here still is cold and wet i maybe be able this one before the SMF show SMC  www.scalemodelfactory.nl/smc01.html 

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