dinsdag 28 februari 2012


I totaly forgot to post the mud build up on the wheels. Time for some dirt. I used some sand, pigments and plaster to build op some mud on the wheels.I build it up in layers and the last layers are pigments only.

I used white spirit to set the pigments and when you are happy with the result you can set it with pigment fixer. 

After this you can add extra dirt/oil stains to it to make it more interesting. You can add some light washes, streaking or oils marks to it just as you like.

dinsdag 14 februari 2012


Time for the pigments, for the first time i AK pigments and i must say that this is a great product. They are the best i used so far. I used the colors European Earth and Dark Earth.

First i sprinkled a little bit of the pigments on the reardeck as you can see on the picture below.

When the pigments are where you wanted them you start to blend them in the paintwork. I used a little amount of pigments so the previous weathering effects are still visible as you can see in the pics below.

Next stains, wet effects and the last fresh chipping!

dinsdag 7 februari 2012

Building up dirt

Some photos of making light spots/watermarks and dirt with AK streaking grime.

first i made some random spots were dirt collects, after that i thinned it with the white spirit and blend it into the basecoat.

After that it was time for some streaking on the zimm. This is hard to see because i want to keep it subtile.

When the spots are dry after a day or two it is time for oils. I only used oils on the non zimmerit parts

First i gently wet the surface with white spirit and place little dots of al kind of colors on the model. this time i choose to to it random to make it colorful. There are many ways to use oils to simulate the effects you want.

Next pigments!

zondag 5 februari 2012



After the base layer i freehand sprayed the camo and used some fine decals from Echelon. I used Buff for the base layer with green and brown camo from Tamiya.


First chipping round is done with Vallejo paint. I used Light Flesh for the first chipping. The second color is Burnt Umber to give the chipping the desired 3D effects. 

i also chipped the zimmerit with light flesh. Recording most sources zimmerit was grey of white. I decided to use the Light Flesh again for random chipping and the edges.

Next, time to make a mess :)

zaterdag 4 februari 2012

Panther A Normandy

The Hunting the Tigers project is temporary on hold,  it went wrong with the paintjob. I used Silly Putty for the camouflage. When i removed the Silly Putty the paint and PE came of also. I think that the Silly Putty is to sticky. Unfortunately the damage was to much to go on with it. A new KT is on his way so stay tuned!

In the meanwhile i've been working on this beauty, the Dragon Panther A Normandy version. The build was nice and fast just like al Dragon Panters.

Updates are a Armorscale barrel and ATAK zimmerit. From a modelling frend i got  Dragon DS tracks and think that i will use these on the Panther. some left overs from PE Panther sets and a set of grilles are used for some extra detailing.

next paint!