dinsdag 27 januari 2015

Winter Stug 2

Time for more weathering!
A thick wash is aplied with Vallejo trackprimer, all previous oversprays gives a nice variation. Only some mudtones and wet effects  after placed in the groundwork.

More weathering is made on the Stug. Dirt en mud is placed with dark oil colors and AK & Ammo enamel products.

Mudtone spatters
Oil stains by the wheels
Total view

vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Winter Stug

One of the projects for this year is this Dragon Stug F8 with winterketten. I build it about 2 year ago. Due a Whitewash build on a forum i decided to use this one.

Next to the painting and weathering i planned a muddy dio with ofcourse a "little bit of snow and water :)".
Weapon of choise

Basecoat slight CM but i kept i quite dark for the whitwash layer
I wanted a worn whitewash without removing complete white layers so after removing the top layer of with paint i drybushed some panels with the light grey out of the LC set.
Next i started to make a worn look with oils, fresh white paint in the corners and a few streakings and spots.
Pinwashing and streaking with AK Winter Streaking Grime
Wood..uh plastic card :)
Next more dirt and mud, stay tuned and thanks for watching!