zondag 24 maart 2013

Jagdpanzer, Ardennes

The products.. In the last post i showed some snapshots of the progress. I like to point out the disk stencils once again. This stuff works very fine and the results are amazing.

I used the AK wash for yellows verhicles to point out the details. I see many questions about the use of the AK products and what colors to use. The products are universal and you can use them on all sorts of colors. For example i love the AK winter streaking grime, you can use this as a wash, streaking or for making spots etc..

By thining the wash/streaking grime you can make several effects with just one product. When i use a pinwash i moisture the surface with AK oderles white spirit and bring on the wash. Don't be afraid to spill something you can use this to work it in to surface and create some nice effects. If you don't want this then use som normal e AK white spirit to remone the spots, just like that!

To town down the bright colors and to give it a used smooth finish i used a variation of oil colors. One again moisture the surface with AK oderles white spirit and make random tiny spots panel by panel. This way you create a wide variation on your model. Blend in the spots with a flat brush using AK white spirit, don' use the oderles version, this is less strong and the oils doesn't blend in well. 

Once dry you notice a nice flat surface and if you want it even more flat just do it again! Take note that you have to let it dry for a day ore two before you work whit oils and white spirit again..

During the oil filtering i made some streaking as well with burnt umber oils. Later i shall use some AK products for more subtile streaking. But as you can see that oils are also a great way to make streaking!

woensdag 20 maart 2013

Jagdpanzer, Ardennes

I took a couple of fast snapshots to show you.

First progress on the JP!

I am planning a Ardennes dio for this one. I used the AK stencil for the camo and used oils for the first fading and streaking.

Next step is some pinewashes, chipping and give it some dirt :)

Realy appriciate your comments and thanks for follwing along!



dinsdag 19 maart 2013

Once again.. Jagdpanzer

New project on the bench, the beautiful Jagdpanzer IV/70 Kit from Dragon with some Grifion PE.
In this case pictures says more then words :)
Next step...? Stay tuned!



zondag 3 maart 2013

R35 Brach Models Review Part I

After the box review another update is done. I build up the enigine compartment and i must say i am impressed of the details.

Please visit AFV News for the full update!

zaterdag 2 maart 2013

JagdTiger Porsche suspension part VIII

Final pics! The canvas on the roof isn't glued yet. The barrel is all done, the last dirt and wet marks are made. In the near future the JT will be featured in a diorama. Searching for right figure i fitted this Alpine figure and it is perfect for the dio.

The Alpine figure is painted with a basecoat of Vallejo and finished with artist oils.

This was a fun build, the premium kit is a very nice kit with all the extra stuff you want, ofcourse you can go balistic on more PE and other update sets but with the stuff out of the premium box and Friul tracks you have a nice kit.

I tried to keep this build subtile as possible but with the necessary look of a used verhicle.

 Thank's for following and till next time!