zaterdag 21 december 2013

Season Greetings!

Hi folks, i know there wasn't much to do at the AM blog. Moving to our new house took a lot of time and were still busy with it! Other stuff needs priority before i can unpack all my modeling stuff and settle in my new room. For now i picked up a box and do some minor work at the dinertable in the livingroom :)

Still got some models that need to be finished next year and i got myself a great project ( my build of the year as you may call it) a Dragon JagdPanther Late with a lot of AM stuff i collected trough out this year. I can't wait to start on this one soon :)

For now i wish you nice holidays with friends and family.  Respect to all who serving there country at this moment far away from home, i know the feeling, your not forgotten.!

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