zondag 25 december 2011

Season Greetings

I woulk like to wish all of you a great christmas and a healty and happy new 2012.

Thank you for watching my blog this year and i hope to welcome you again next year.



zondag 11 december 2011

DeathSeeker dio On AFV News

On AFV News you can find the last AFV modeling news, products and a forum for questions or to show your work.

More on www.afv-news.com

maandag 5 december 2011

DeathSeeker dio On Display

Kitmaker Benelux has published the DeathSeeker dio On Display. Here you can find more On Displays from well talented modelers, a nice forum, walk arounds and more.
Find more here!

zaterdag 3 december 2011

Hunting the Tigers

Hi folks,

After finishing the Panther it is time for a new one.

last year i bought this baby as a package deal with a Eduard Big Ed set.

I am gonna use the most of the Eduard set except the fenders because they dont fit the setting the Tiger is gonna be in. A set of Friul tracks must finish it :)

When i was looking in the AFV Photo Album the chapter of "Hunting the Tigers" got my attention because of the looks of these Tigers from SPzAbt 503 "Feldherrnhalle".

And the finished build

Now i must wait for the new Alpine figures and the Friul tracks, so stay tuned for more Tiger updates :)

End Pics DeathSeeker

I call this one finished, it is my second build this year. I used the "oil technique" from Mike Rinaldi and i must say that i really like it. It is a technique that is good to control and put a lot of variation in your paintwork.

I just finished it before the last Twenot meeting this year and got gold for it, a nice surprice and a good way to end this year finished build :)

Hope you enjoy the pics, till next time!

donderdag 13 oktober 2011

AFV Photo Album Vol 1

I just recieved this new book by Canfora Publishing called AFV photo Album Vol.1 and it is worth to make  a little review of it

It contains a great collection of vehicles who passed Czechoslovakian territory at the end of the war may 1945.

Next to the many German photos, Russian, U.S and British vehicles are also included in this more then 300 photos AFV book.

The Panthers, Pz. IV, Tiger II, Jagdpanzer IV, Hetzer, Grille, SPWs, Hummel, StuGs and many more German vehicles are covered. Russian vehicles include T-34, IS-2, SU-85/100, SU-76, ISU-152 as well as soft-skins.

As mention before you also can find Shermans, Hellcast, M8 and more together with Czech pre and postwar verhicles. There is also room for the Soviet 1968 invasion in Czechoslovakia. The book ends with some nice reference color drawings.

The photos in the book are sharp and of a great size to discover some nice details on the AFV's. The book is highly recommend to al AFV modelers who like more input in there work.

dinsdag 13 september 2011

Moving on to the turret, i was not satisfied with the basecoat of the turret so a-b it over with more variation in the CM. After it dried a whitewash was aplied using the HS method. I blend everything with oils by placing dots and rub them in the basecoat with a thinner damped brush. 

I used white dots of oilpaint to make some variation in the whitewash and blend it in the basecoat repeating this until i was satisfied. After that some streaking is made whit washbrown and burnt umber oilpaint to make a nice base for AK streaking grime products what will be the next step :)

I used the kits figure because of is nice pose and it has some nice details to it, the only upgrade is a Hornet head to give the figure a nice expression. The basecoat is put on by AB using vallejo paint and finished of with oils and is not entirely finished.

woensdag 7 september 2011

Panther Paint..

Basecoat with slightly CM is done, then it was time for some hairspray and white paint :) and topped with a couple off thin layers Vallejo Satin Varnis.

First i started with chipping for the old damage, at first sight the chipping looks hard but will be tone down atfter treathment with the oilpaint. Working at one section everytime i hope to achieve a nice variation  between the sections off the Panther.

By placing the dark dots at the shadow sides and the more lighter colors in the middle a more natural shadow effect is achieved. The first streaking is done with oils and AK Interactive Winter Streaking Grime, a nice product what can be easely build up in transparant layers.

dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Almost there.. SMC 2011

It is time to finish those projects because the biggest show is almost there SMC 2011. Next to the hundreds of show models, clubs and traders there will be some exiting guests such as Miguel Jimenez aka MIG, Jay Laverty, Jean Bernard AndrĂ© and  Konrad Schulte.

 More information about this great show you can find here: http://www.scalemodelfactory.nl/smc01.html

vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

Finally the grilles from Amorscale has arrived, one put in place it was time for some primer.
Now it just need to dry for a while so next week you can expect an new update from the base coat :)

zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

Panther ManiA

New Project!

The model is the Tamiya Panther G Late with some extra's but i am not into super detailing.

The barrel is from Armorscale and the tracks from Skp. I made the Cleaning rod and Spare Aerial Stowage from thin leadfoil. Some PE parts out of the sparebox are used for some extra detail. 

I added exra texture on the armorplates with Tamiya Extra Thin Cement, after that i worked the area with a old stiff brush. After this dried i sand it light with waterproof sanding paper.

Some stuff such as the rainshield, skirt and fenders are made a little bit thinner and the suspension is lowered a few mm.

The grilles i should recieve soon from Armorscale and after that the build is done.

zondag 22 mei 2011

Endpics Bring in the Tiger

Time for some endpics from the Bring in the Tiger dio. Hope you like it and till the next project ;)

The dio won bronse on the large Twenot 35th Anniversary modeling show in Overloon (Netherlands) and is published at Kitmaker Benelux .

zondag 8 mei 2011

Bring in the Tiger, Kurland Kettle 1944

Hi guys,

I nearly finished my first dio for this year.
Next week i will work on the last points to take it to the 35th anniversary show of Twenot.

The dio is called, Bring in the Tiger ("Defensive Battles")

The dio tells the story of Tiger 233 from s.PzAbt.510 who stands in his tactical position but is needed elswhere because of a breakthrough from the Russians. The Squadleader is giving the last info and point out the way the Tiger is needed to support the infantry.

I know that there some mistakes in the dio and must pay more attention at the nex build