zaterdag 25 mei 2013

Jagdpanzer Ardennes

Well the ferns grow fast this time of year ;)
I studied a lot of Ardennes winter pics and came across some beautyful pics of "green zones" with green bushes and plants in the middle of a lot of snow. These green zones is what i had in mind making this dio were the white snow and dark green ferns makes it very colorful.

Next step is some washes and a bit more vergetation

woensdag 22 mei 2013

Jagdpanzer Ardennes

Things are moving slowly ( as usual..) some more vegetation is added and i placed a order at reality in scale to create that typical ardennes feeling. All pics are WIP, more detailing amd painting on there way ;)

Thnx for tuning in!

donderdag 9 mei 2013

Jagdpanzer, Ardennes

Hi folks,

As promised a update on the JP dio, the JP is stucked in the mud during the Ardennes offensive near the road.  As you can see 2 figures are added in the mock up and  two more to come in the JP.

So next thing is painting the figures, finish the tree and hill in the background with some vegetation.

Thanks for dropping by and till next time!

zaterdag 4 mei 2013

Jagdpanzer, Ardennes

And as promised another pic, this one is the other side and the front of the diorama. As you can see i only made the ground work close to the JP. It isn't finished yet, still got a lot to do before i can intergrate it in the rest of the dio.

Stay tuned for more updates on this one..

donderdag 2 mei 2013


I know, it is been a while. Life is busy and with the little time i have on scale modeling right know i use this for several projects. I started with the groundwork for the JP dio.. Soon more progress.. :)