zondag 22 mei 2011

Endpics Bring in the Tiger

Time for some endpics from the Bring in the Tiger dio. Hope you like it and till the next project ;)

The dio won bronse on the large Twenot 35th Anniversary modeling show in Overloon (Netherlands) and is published at Kitmaker Benelux .

zondag 8 mei 2011

Bring in the Tiger, Kurland Kettle 1944

Hi guys,

I nearly finished my first dio for this year.
Next week i will work on the last points to take it to the 35th anniversary show of Twenot.

The dio is called, Bring in the Tiger ("Defensive Battles")

The dio tells the story of Tiger 233 from s.PzAbt.510 who stands in his tactical position but is needed elswhere because of a breakthrough from the Russians. The Squadleader is giving the last info and point out the way the Tiger is needed to support the infantry.

I know that there some mistakes in the dio and must pay more attention at the nex build