maandag 30 december 2013

KO JagdPanzer Hungary

Hi! Back again, after moving to our new place i couldn't resist to open a box and build something. My hobby room isn't ready yet so i can't paint at this moment :-/

I decided to build the old Dragon's JP, a terrible kit but perfect for what i want. It had to made lot's of changes, cutting, sanding to create the right look besides the structure i made in the panzer plates.

I was inspired by a photo i saw from this knocked out JP in Hungery from the well know Mirko on ML.

picture Mirko Bayerl, ML forum.
-Dragon's old command version Jagdpanzer kit
-Dragon magic tracks
-Alu barrel
-Trumpeter's Bergepanzer engine
-PE from the spare box and some scratch build stuff.

The build must represent the last fight for this JP that is already beaten up but still on the move until it is finaly knocked out..

Someone pointed out that the axels with missing wheels aren't correct, so i remove the mounting hubs and drill them out like the picture below (Thnx Eddy!)

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