dinsdag 19 februari 2013

R35 Brach Models Review

I was asked to make a review on AFV News of the new Brach Models (http://www.brachmodel.it/) R35. I recieved a sample kit with engine update from Brach for this review.

I shall place some sneek peeks and the link of this review on the AFV Forum when i have some updates.

If you like take a peek at the AFV News website to follow this review!

Renault R35 Review

Many thanks to AFV News and Brach Models!

maandag 18 februari 2013

JagdTiger Porsche suspension part VII

Another one.. tracks are done. I used the Ushi von Rosten track burnish so i don't had to paint the tracks. This is a quik way to give the right color to the Friuls. Just be carefull with this toxic stuff. I only use it outside and with latex gloves on.

After the treathment make sure you clean tthe tracks with enough water and vinegar to stop the chemical process.

For the rest of the weathering i used AK products for the dirty and worn look.

vrijdag 8 februari 2013

JagdTiger Porsche suspension part VI

What do you do if your not happy about some things..right you change them. During the weathering process and study reference pics i saw that i forgot to add weldingmarks on the kugelblende.  I took the risk to add it anyway and blend it in with the rest of the JT.

Because this worked fine i also add welds on the reardeck for extra detail.

And some pics with the tracks just because it's looks brutal:)


Next weathering of the tracks!

zondag 3 februari 2013

JagdTiger Porsche suspension part V

Thank you www.ScaleWorld.nl for the quik delivery of the Friul tracks.  The detail is great, every link consist of 3 parts so that makes the tracks are very time consuming to assemble but well wurth it!

It spent this Saterday to assemble the tracks and fitted them under the JT, looks cools huh ;)

Next thing is paint and weather these beauty's :)

zaterdag 2 februari 2013

JagdTiger Porsche suspension part IV

Some close ups, i added some light splatters with heavy thinned buff Vallejo paint and once dry thinned Mig Productions Wet Effects and Damp Earth Mixture mixed with grease colors. More color tones will be "splattered but all subtile.

With heavy thinned and different mixes of Mig Productions Wet Effects and Damp Earth Mixture i made random spots en pools all over the JT, the result is a wide but subtile variation on the paint.

The first chipping round on the edges is made with the finest chips i ever made and i must say that i like it! I also made some random heavy chips, not much do..