dinsdag 24 september 2013

Yup.. another Panther A Anzio

I now i now another Panther?! Yes it is! I started this one for a online contest but didn't manage it to the finish line..but hey now i am working on it i want to finish this one :)

A quik build history, the kit is the Dragon's classic Panther A Early Italy with a metal barrel, DS Tracks, Atak Zimmerit and some Eduard PE.

I want to keep the color light so the weathering "pops" out and used some colors from the AK Interaktive CM 'Dunkelgelb" set.

Weathering is done with oils and the zimmerit parts recieved a AK Interactive wash. I used Mig and AK Interactive pigment and streaking grimes/mud tones for the splashes on the roadwheels.

Well action speaks louder then words, here some pics :)

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