zaterdag 25 mei 2013

Jagdpanzer Ardennes

Well the ferns grow fast this time of year ;)
I studied a lot of Ardennes winter pics and came across some beautyful pics of "green zones" with green bushes and plants in the middle of a lot of snow. These green zones is what i had in mind making this dio were the white snow and dark green ferns makes it very colorful.

Next step is some washes and a bit more vergetation

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Elco!
    This is giving a lot of life to your scene! I love it! You really had a great idea and very original (I don't think I've seen many modellers add vegetation to snow!)
    Great work!

  2. Dit is echt zeer mooi ook de planten zijn top,ga je nog figuren hier aan toevoegen.

  3. Hai Danny, alles ligt momenteel even stil. Ik komen idd nog figuren bij.