maandag 19 augustus 2013

Bastogne.. Jumbo!

Quite but... last months the mojo was a bit gone.. others things and finaly some nice weather over here makes me put modeling on hold. But there's still some unfinished projects like this Jumbo made by a modeling friend of mine. He build this Tasca Jumbo and i do the painting and weathering. This is the first Allied project and there is a lot to learn for a Axis builder like me.

I think such projects are refreshing but dont want to change Axis builds :) It is a nice project to get the feeling back do, soon more update's so stay tuned ;)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey Elco!
    Good to read you again! It's been some time now, right?
    But you're right, we have to enjoy this nice weather!
    I'm quite like you... I've never painted any American stuff from WWII and I think it's a whole challenge in itself! That Olive Drab is something!
    But seein this picture... I think you're about to nail it! :) Keep her coming!

  2. Jup it is been a while :) i hope to update soon, i a couple of months i am moving to a new house so there will be not much time for modeling then, but hey it is a hobby right ;)

  3. Hi Elco,
    i come back from Mol to the KMK model Show and i see your Jagdtiger on competition.
    I was really sad not to see you, but I do not know what you look like.
    i see Alex benvenuti in Mol, Max Lemaire, and many more...

    see you next time

  4. Hi Jean Charles, oh that is a pity indeed. It was a nice show. I bet there were some more of you guys i missed but i don't know how you look :(

    Time for some profile pics ;)

    If you guys can come the the SMC Show in October that will be great it is even bigger and better ;)