zondag 29 april 2012

SS Sturmgeschutz Abteiling 11 "Nordland" 3

Time for a update:

Here a sneak preview of the set up

I finished and painted the house with the H-S technique and weathered it with AK products. When everything is in place final weathering and touch ups will be made.

I made a tarp and finished it with oils and AK wet effects to simulate water

I made the mud behind the wheels with sand, whiteglue and oilpaint and finished it with AK products with different wet effects. The grounwork will be wet and muddy so the tracks and wheels are the next thing to do. The rubber from the return rollers and sparewheels need to be painted as well.

zaterdag 28 april 2012

Best work ever, a daughter

Last monday our beautiful daughter Noah is born at 17.37. We are all doing fine and we are enjoying every minute of it, even at night ;)

Stay tuned for more modeling updates, but first we are going to spent some time at our little girl :)

dinsdag 10 april 2012

SS Sturmgeschutz Abteiling 11 "Nordland" 2

I did some house construction this Easer :) It isn't finished yet but i think it is a good start.

Set up

I think i'll add one or two grenadiers bij the one who is standing in front of the Stug and another crew member.

The scene will be a muddy one with snow and ice of a Nordland Stug who belongs to SS Sturmgeschutz Abteiling 11 "Nordland" around Narwa 1944.

Some details pis

maandag 2 april 2012

SS Sturmgeschutz Abteiling 11 "Nordland" 1

Hi guys,

Its been a while.. other things then modeling kept me busy lately.
In my last holiday i build this one and the last 2 days i finaly got some time for some paint and weathering.

Ofcourse it isn't finished but i would like to share my 2 day flirt :)

I am planning a Nordland dio for it

Dont worry about the Panther Normandy dio is nearly finished i just need to paint one figure. Next update i'll show them ;)

Till next time!