zaterdag 4 mei 2013

Jagdpanzer, Ardennes

And as promised another pic, this one is the other side and the front of the diorama. As you can see i only made the ground work close to the JP. It isn't finished yet, still got a lot to do before i can intergrate it in the rest of the dio.

Stay tuned for more updates on this one..

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Really cool and beautiful work ! The JP is a killer !

  2. Man man man,wat een pracht werkje zet je hier neer schitterend werk vriend...

  3. Thnx guys, working on the groundwork right now. I think i can finish it this week when spent some time on it each evening. After that the final touch ups on the JP and then..figures!

    Stay tuned :)