vrijdag 3 december 2010

Panther SW 221 Ardennes

This report shows my first diorama with the Panther SW (Steel Wheel) 221 approaching Stoumont. 

Peiper consolidated his forces at La Gleize during the night of 18 December, and on the 19th he set out for Stoumont.  There were American forces defending the town and Peiper lost a Panther tank, but the other Panthers pressed on.

The lead Panthers continued through Stoumont and took the road toward the train station, beyond where they hoped to find another bridge over the Ambleve intact.  However, as they passed the station they ran into a strong American force of 16 tanks and tank destroyers.  The outnumbered Panthers didn't have much of a chance; three were quickly knocked out and the rest withdrew.  For all practical purposes, this was the farthest advance of Kampfgruppe Peiper. (source: www.ss501panzer.com)

Total view of the diorama: