dinsdag 5 juni 2012

SS Sturmgeschutz Abteiling 11 "Nordland" 4

Back again with a huge photo update :)

Between the diapers of our little girl i manage to make a base for the Stug. It is made of plastic card, foam and DAS clay with some fine sand sprinkled on top. After the whole base was sprayed black it was time to get out the Tamiya tape to protect the black base. The groundwork is sprayed brown and after that  i used AK products for the weathering.

The "melted" ice in the pools are candle wax and the pools are made with Vallejo still water with some brown Vallejo brown paint to make it muddy. It is hard to see in the pics but it has a nice effect.

The stug is fixed to the base but isn't ready yet, it still need some detail painting! The figures are almost ready for paint but i am afraid that this will take some time ;)

And now some more detail pics below.. Till next update!