zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

Panther ManiA

New Project!

The model is the Tamiya Panther G Late with some extra's but i am not into super detailing.

The barrel is from Armorscale and the tracks from Skp. I made the Cleaning rod and Spare Aerial Stowage from thin leadfoil. Some PE parts out of the sparebox are used for some extra detail. 

I added exra texture on the armorplates with Tamiya Extra Thin Cement, after that i worked the area with a old stiff brush. After this dried i sand it light with waterproof sanding paper.

Some stuff such as the rainshield, skirt and fenders are made a little bit thinner and the suspension is lowered a few mm.

The grilles i should recieve soon from Armorscale and after that the build is done.

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