donderdag 13 oktober 2011

AFV Photo Album Vol 1

I just recieved this new book by Canfora Publishing called AFV photo Album Vol.1 and it is worth to make  a little review of it

It contains a great collection of vehicles who passed Czechoslovakian territory at the end of the war may 1945.

Next to the many German photos, Russian, U.S and British vehicles are also included in this more then 300 photos AFV book.

The Panthers, Pz. IV, Tiger II, Jagdpanzer IV, Hetzer, Grille, SPWs, Hummel, StuGs and many more German vehicles are covered. Russian vehicles include T-34, IS-2, SU-85/100, SU-76, ISU-152 as well as soft-skins.

As mention before you also can find Shermans, Hellcast, M8 and more together with Czech pre and postwar verhicles. There is also room for the Soviet 1968 invasion in Czechoslovakia. The book ends with some nice reference color drawings.

The photos in the book are sharp and of a great size to discover some nice details on the AFV's. The book is highly recommend to al AFV modelers who like more input in there work.

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