dinsdag 13 september 2011

Moving on to the turret, i was not satisfied with the basecoat of the turret so a-b it over with more variation in the CM. After it dried a whitewash was aplied using the HS method. I blend everything with oils by placing dots and rub them in the basecoat with a thinner damped brush. 

I used white dots of oilpaint to make some variation in the whitewash and blend it in the basecoat repeating this until i was satisfied. After that some streaking is made whit washbrown and burnt umber oilpaint to make a nice base for AK streaking grime products what will be the next step :)

I used the kits figure because of is nice pose and it has some nice details to it, the only upgrade is a Hornet head to give the figure a nice expression. The basecoat is put on by AB using vallejo paint and finished of with oils and is not entirely finished.

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