vrijdag 8 februari 2013

JagdTiger Porsche suspension part VI

What do you do if your not happy about some things..right you change them. During the weathering process and study reference pics i saw that i forgot to add weldingmarks on the kugelblende.  I took the risk to add it anyway and blend it in with the rest of the JT.

Because this worked fine i also add welds on the reardeck for extra detail.

And some pics with the tracks just because it's looks brutal:)


Next weathering of the tracks!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Super mooie werk hier,en die tracks geven onmiddellijk een grote meerwaarde aan je voertuig..

  2. Hi,
    just watched the assembly step of your tank.
    It's beautiful, great job.
    this is the Dragon one.
    Superb color setting.
    The Friul are still the best to make a fabulous effects on the model.
    What brand did you use PE?



  3. Thnx Jean-Charles, it is the Premium kit with all the PE stuff, the only thing you need to update are the tracks :)



  4. Excellent work Elco! This is absolutely wonderful! This baby looks amazing with its tracks! :)

  5. Thnx Alex, i can't wait to put them on once weathered...time to log off and weather these suckers;) cheers!