zaterdag 2 februari 2013

JagdTiger Porsche suspension part IV

Some close ups, i added some light splatters with heavy thinned buff Vallejo paint and once dry thinned Mig Productions Wet Effects and Damp Earth Mixture mixed with grease colors. More color tones will be "splattered but all subtile.

With heavy thinned and different mixes of Mig Productions Wet Effects and Damp Earth Mixture i made random spots en pools all over the JT, the result is a wide but subtile variation on the paint.

The first chipping round on the edges is made with the finest chips i ever made and i must say that i like it! I also made some random heavy chips, not much do..

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  1. Elco! This is perfect work my friend! Let me appreciate it some more days... months... well years, before I start building mine! :)
    You've taken the best out of it, and while you're waiting for those Friul tracks, I'll be watching your work closely!
    Have fun!