maandag 24 december 2012

Another year..

Merry Chrismas everyone!

Another year has past, time for some thoughts, sharing and have a nice time with your family. However each year my mind goes back to Christmas 1999, Kosovo, Prizren city were i served as a soldier in the remains of the Kosovo war 1999. There are many people without home and shelter and i am proud that i was a part of the Dutch content of KFOR 1 to help out many people with food kits and building materials for new homes and shelters.

The many story's of the little children who have to live without there father or family are still in my mind together with much more war story's and images of thousends of refugees.

I think it is a good thing to stop sometimes and give some things a thought, in this hobby of armor modeling we must not forget the historical context. In every conflict it are the civilians who take the losses, just think about it for a minute..

This year brought me my wonderful baby daughter and my marriage with my beautifully wife and i am grateful for that.

At last i would like to show some pictures from my private collection of my tour in Kosovo 1999/2000.

Be safe and have a great Christmas!

O.P. Alpha Prizren 1999

Thankfull children, Me (Nato, Nato) under the umbrella, 1999

Serb Roadkill,  1999

The Ride with me in front, 1999

Delivering building materials, me in the middle smiling with barret,  1999

Shooting Range, me in front,  1999

Delivering wood for the roofs with the Russians,  1999

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  1. Zeer mooie foto's zelf heb ik 10 jaar gediend in het 3de Bataljon Parachutisten te Tielen,heb heel wat buitenlandse missies gedaan waaronder Rwanda in 1993....