zondag 16 september 2012

Panzer IV Detailing

Yes i am taking my time for this Panzer.. the little spare time i have these days i use to weather this model part by part. The advantage of this is that every part is different so you have a very interesting model at the end.

I use oil paint and AK Interactive products exclusively for weathering for this project. I combine the oilpaint technique from Michael Rinaldi ( RinaldiStudio ) together with the AK Interactive products.

As you can see there is still a lot to do but i thought i would be nice to show some pics of the progress i made. 

When you work with oils you have to be patience but you can achieve some cool effects. As you can see the shiny brown spot does not look like leather at all, what you can see is the structure that can be simply made when your working with oils.

In real live you shall notice the orange and yellow i used in the brown color. When things are dry i gently drybrush it with buff and there you have your worn leather piece! 

The weathering stage on top of the hull is almost ready, next to the different colors i used for the spots i also add wet effects in some corners to make it more realistic, after al the Panzer IV is knocked out in a cold wet environment and is abandoned by its crew.

The worn whitewash on the turret is oil paint, i didn't want to use the hairspray technique so it looks more interesting with the hull were i did use the hairspray technique. The effects on the storage bin is made with oils and with AK wet effects.

Next thing to do is the comander cupola, im a not happy how the chipping is done, i think it looks a lot better with some heave chipping with light colors so it stand out more when ready..

I hope you like the update, till next time..!

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