zaterdag 4 februari 2012

Panther A Normandy

The Hunting the Tigers project is temporary on hold,  it went wrong with the paintjob. I used Silly Putty for the camouflage. When i removed the Silly Putty the paint and PE came of also. I think that the Silly Putty is to sticky. Unfortunately the damage was to much to go on with it. A new KT is on his way so stay tuned!

In the meanwhile i've been working on this beauty, the Dragon Panther A Normandy version. The build was nice and fast just like al Dragon Panters.

Updates are a Armorscale barrel and ATAK zimmerit. From a modelling frend i got  Dragon DS tracks and think that i will use these on the Panther. some left overs from PE Panther sets and a set of grilles are used for some extra detailing.

next paint!

1 opmerking:

  1. Zeer mooi wat je hier laat zien en top afgewerkt,je merkt ook direct dat de barrel het voertuig een tikje hoger zet op de lader ik kijk ook met veel ongeduld uit naar het eerste laagje verf,we blijven dan ook zeker volgen..